Photo composite montage to create a crumbling hand effect. The title track, Just Friends as described by the vocalist whom wrote the lyrics, is about being in love with someone near and dear, but not being able to reach out and realize this love in every aspect of your life.

"Just Friends is a song representing a connection with someone who cannot admit to the world they feel the same way about you. Words and actions behind closed doors show love and desire, but as soon as they’re out in the open everything completely changes and that person pretends their relationship is strictly platonic. Going through life with a hidden love just isn’t enough, so either show your love now or just forget it because it’s hurtful and confusing. Deep down they both know they’re more than just friends, but they both have to be on the same page to love harmoniously."

Art Direction: Marc LaTulippe
Graphic Design: Marc LaTulippe
Client: Deadbeats
Source Images: Adobe Stock

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